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Laser Head Air Assist Pump

Laser Head Air Assist Pump

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The air assist set is a necessary part for laser cutting and engraving machines.
It is suitable for LT-80W-AA-PRO/LT-80W-AA/LT-4LDS-V1.For LT-80W-AA-PRO, please choose 8*6mm outer diameter of air tube. For 4LDS or LT-80W-AA, please choose 6*4mm outer diameter of air tube.
It provides a steady and high-pressure flow of air to blow away the smoke, which is very hot and may make the workpiece turn yellow. Help you get better work. In addition, it can improve the efficiency of laser processing and thus save your time.
We provide a new light shield for the air assist set, so that the machine can work at its best with the air assist set.
Hopefully it'll be a big surprise for you.


High-quality materials: metal nozzle, resisting high temperature.
Large and steady air output: 27 L/min, blowing away smoke and residue produced during laser processing
Super silent: little noise and vibration in operation.
Small in size: can be placed on desktop.
Easy installation: can be easily transformed and upgraded
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