How LASER TREE is Compatible With Your Engraving Machine

There are a variety of engraving machines and CNC machines on the market, and the installation hole positions of each laser module are different. So how is our laser tree laser module compatible?

There are various kinds of engraving machines and CNC machines on the market, each laser module installation holes are not the same, so our laser tree laser module is how to be compatible. 

How to install and control our laser module requires two conditions: one is mechanical fixation, the other is circuit control. 

Next, we will explain these two conditions in more detail

  • Mechanical Fixation
  • Circuit Control 
  • Adapter Board Wiring Method 

Mechanical Fixation

The mechanical fixation part is mainly how to fix the laser module firmly on the machine, generally fixed on the X axis, the work can be moved with the machine X axis and Y axis movement. 

Therefore, the hole position is crucial between the backplane of the laser module and the machine, but the X-axis hole position of the engraving machine is different between each brand, which needs to be adapted one by one. And because the laser module has a fixed focal length, the distance between the focus and the surface of the material is required to be adjusted when carving and cutting the material of different thicknesses, so the laser module needs to be adjusted up and down.

Combined with the above, the laser module needs to be installed on a variety of different brands of machines and easy to move up and down, so we can use the slide table to fix it. 

The sliding platform adopts the dovetail groove design, which can facilitate us to connect a variety of different types of carving machines at the same time can also be convenient and fast to move up and down.

Our slide table is now compatible with most of the mainstream brands on the market. If the engraving machine you are using is not compatible with our slide table, you can contact our technical support for parameter information, and we will improve in the next version of the slide table

Circuit Connection

The installation of the slide table is only the first step of compatibility, after all, it is just the installation without the connection circuit, so the laser module is just a mobile but no light pendulum. 

Laser tree The laser module supports PWM and TTL control. The output power of the laser module can be adjusted if the output power of the TTL signal control supports the spindle module control. 

Some brands of laser engraving machine comes with the laser module cable may be 4pin line or 2pin line, this we also have a special transfer plate to adapt:

The adapter plate will allow you to quickly connect to our laser module without modifying or connecting the terminals.

The transfer plate can facilitate us to upgrade the laser module on the old models. Generally, the laser module of the older brand engraving machine is only 5W, so its power supply is only designed for 5W laser module, such as 12V voltage, the current is only about 3A. Such voltage and current cannot drive our high-power lasers. Our adapter can be connected to a power adapter, allowing the adapter to output 24V and current up to 9A, thus installing high-power laser modules on the old machine.

Adapter Board Wiring Method 

LASER TREE The transfer board has two power supply modes, the internal power supply is the engraving machine motherboard power supply, the external power supply is the transfer board external power adapter for power supply. The internal power supply is limited by the power supply of the engraving machine motherboard. The external power supply can be replaced with the power adapter, which is convenient to fit the laser module of different power. Regardless of which power supply mode, the laser control signal PWM or TTL comes from the engraving machine motherboard, so the signal line of the engraving machine must be connected to the GND ground wire to the input end of the converter board.

1.Internal Power Supply

2.External Power Supply