About Us

At lasertree.com, creating the perfect consumer experience for you is our core vision:

LASER TREE comes from Shenzhen Guangchuangfeng Technology Co., Ltd .Company Founded in 2018, focus on providing excellent diode laser solutions and products to worldwide customers. Our product line includes laser diodes, laser diodes with micro FAC, optical lens, laser driver and laser modules, which are widely used in material processing, machine vision, illumination and industrial equipment. At same time, we provide high-quality OEM&ODM laser diode modules covering the wavelength range of 375nm~690nm, and the power range up to 100W, with IOS9001, CE, FDA, IEC, FCC and other certificates.

OEM&ODM laser diode modules

Our Core technology team has been engaged in laser packaging technology and optical design for 10+ years. At present, blue laser engraving and industry laser illumination is the main business of LASER TREE. Especially, LASER TREE is working hard to be a leading laser module supplier of blue laser cutting application in worldwide, it has always been our great pleasure to provide wonderful products to DIY and industrial consumer.

Keeping track of the latest international concepts and processes in this field, constantly innovating, and maximizing the satisfaction of customers’ increasingly complex process requirements is our company’s eternal goal and development purpose.

Of course, your enthusiasm is what we value most and our direction. From our products, quality to our services, we are committed to giving you that "wow" element.So, whatever you are looking for, we plan to provide it for you. If not, please contact us and let us know.


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