Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials can be engraved?

Wood, Acrylic, Bamboo, Cloth, Leather, Kraft Paper, Hard Plastic, Black Painted Metal/Ceramic/Stone. You can't engrave on transparent objects, you can try it after painting it black.

----You can engrave XXXX with LASER TREE laser modules. You can't engrave transparent material, such as glass, but you can try it after painting it black.

2. What is the difference between the 40W and 80W models?

The 80W model (10W laser output) supports more engraving and cutting materials, the engraving is finer, and the engraving speed is faster than the 40W model (5W laser output).

3. Why does the title say 80W, 40W, but the laser is 10W or 5W?

80w 40W is the effect power of the laser machine, its actual laser output power should be 10W/5W

4. Is there an instruction manual?

Yes, there is a paper user manual in the box, and some assembly videos. And our website provides an electronic version of the user manual.

5. Can the glass be engraved?

For transparent materials, blue laser cannot directly engrave.

6. When laser cutting, is it appropriate to directly select the maximum power? Or cut through multiple passes?

Hello, this is not fixed, it depends entirely on your material, usually divided into easy-to-burn materials and difficult-to-burn materials. And you need to pay attention to whether the edge of the knife is burnt,
Cutting speed and laser power are key. For example, for wood-based bamboo acrylic, it is recommended to use high-power and high-speed cutting. Low power and low speed cutting. It is not recommended to use low speed and high power, which will cause edge burning. We have also introduced some cutting parameters in the user manual.

7. Is it compatible?

Hello, our laser modules are compatible with most of the machines in the market, like Ortur/Neje/Xtool/Atomstack/Sculpfun. If you are not sure how to connect, you can ask us for help before purchasing.