LASER TREE 10W Optical Output Power Laser Cutter Module

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Volt: 12V


Kit: Single Module


Style: US Warehouse


WITH AIR-ASSISTED: Equipped with "L" type high pressure air-assisted nozzle to improve cutting performance and reduce burn marks.

FAC COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY: Smaller spot size, better cutting performance and higher engraving accuracy. It can cut 8mm thick plywood at a speed of 1.8mm/s at one time.

PROTECTIVE LENS DESIGN:When the lens is damaged or after long time use, the lens can be disassembled and replaced to restore the cutting ability. This greatly improves the service life of the laser.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The laser module has an ingenious and widely compatible structural connection device, which can be well adapted to different brands of laser engraving and cutting machines. Such as ATOMSTACK, ORTUR, NEJE, Sculpfun and so on.


80W machine power and real 10W output laser power. Dual compressed spot enabling finer laser engraving 0.08*0.08mm



Optical Power



DC 12V 3A

DC 24V 1.5A



Focus Length


80W Laser Module with Air Assist

Small Size And Refinement Appearance

Professional Air Assist

Upgraded 6mm diameter air nozzle has an advanced hydrodynamic design, which better reduces air resistance and faster jet airflow.

With Air Assist VS No Air Assist

Blowing through the air nozzle to get clean-cut edges, improve cutting performance
without Air Nozzle:  Scorched Edges
with Air Nozzle:  Clean-Cut Edges

Dual-LDs With Beam Compressed Technology

One laser module has two built-in laser diodes.The optical power of each diode is 5W.

With beam combination technology, our laser module is double powerful and the beam quality is as good as a single diode.

Powerful Cutting Ability

Cut 8mm plywood: 120mm/min,100% power. By one pass
Cut 5mm black acrylic: 50mm/min,100% power. By one pass
Cut 5mm MDF: 150mm/min,100% power. By 2 pass

Magnetic Protective Cover

With a laser protective cover, it can effectively filter blue light when engraving or cutting with laser head, safe and convenient

Widely Compatible Design

Suitable for Z*aitu,O*tur,Tw* Trees,S*ulpful9, Xtool, A*omstack and other models of DIY laser engraving machines

Reference Settings for Cutting

Reference Settings for Engraving

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