LASER TREE 20W Optical Power Laser Cutting Module

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Version: LT-4LDS-V2


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20W optical power laser module. This laser cutting module is capable of cutting 10mm bass plywood and 8mm black acrylics in one pass.





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The LT-4LDS-V2 is a professional cutting module designed for long-term safe cutting and fine engraving processes. It is a blue laser head with an output of 20W optical power. Compared with V1, V2 has been greatly improved with a new housing design, easier to use air assist, longer focal length and more stable cutting output power. Cut 10mm of plywood at 3mm/sec at a time, easily creating the desired effect on the pattern. If you spend most of your work time cutting, then the LT-4LDS-V2 will be a good partner for you.

20W Optical Power Output With Air Assist

1.4-Beam compressed technology, 20W ultra-strong optical power laser module.
2.Built-in fan cooling system, effective cooling to extend the service life.
3.Air assistance performance update;change the diameter of air tube from M5 to M8, to get stronger air pressure at air nozzle。
4.Newly upgraded protective window design, effective filtering of blue light
5.Compatible with various engraving machines on the market (consult customer service if you are not sure)
6.High stable 2EDG3.81 connector, up to 7A operating current


The World's Most Powerful 20W Diode Lase

Professional Air Assist

With air assist to get clean-cut edges, and improve cutting performance

Better Performance With Air Assist  

Air assist prevents fumes from sticking to the laser lens, which results in cleaner cutting edges, more accurate cuts and helps to extend the life of the laser cutting machine.

Excellent Heat Dissipation Design

The built-in fan cooling system maintains a stable light output power during the working process, effectively dissipates heat and prolongs the service life.

New Protective Cover Design

The new laser filter has a single-sided viewable window design. It not only prevents blue light from stinging your eyes, but also allows you and people around you to watch laser engraving without goggles in the reserved window.

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