5W Optical Output Power Laser Module with Air Assist

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laser cutter module can cut through 4mm thickness plywood by one pass at speed of 80-100mm/min.

Optical Power



12V 1.5-A



Focus Length


Fan Speed



  1. 5W optical power laser module with air assist , beam compression technology.
  2. Excellent Cutting Ability: Cutting 4mm thick plywood by one pass at a Speed of 190mm/s.
  3. Very Fast Engraving Speed: 45mm focal length, engrave 304 stainless steel at speeds up to 6000mm/min.
  4. Magnetic eye protective cover: Eye protection and easy disassembly.
  5. The protective window piece design keeps the lens away from smoking and extends the life of the laser head.
  6. Widely compatibility: For various 12V 3PIN laser engraving machines, plug and play. For 12V 4PIN machines, just use the driver adapter to connect.

5W optical power output, it adopts built-in beam compression optical technology, so that the beam size at the focal point is around 30um*130um. Due to the bean width of 30um in X-direction, it makes the engraving accuracy reach 0.03mm, making it possible to engrave photos with high resolution.

High Speed Air Assist

The 40W-AA uses the latest metal curved nozzle, which is different because it has an advanced hydrodynamic design that makes better use of air pressure.

Magnetic Eye Protection Cover

The laser head comes with a laser shield to filter laser radiation and avoid accidental laser exposure for safer operation.Note: Even with this design, goggles should always be worn when operating the machine.

The laser head has a protective window lens design and the high temperature resistant protective window glass protects the focusing lens from direct contamination, which can extend the module life.

If the protective window glass is contaminated, simply wipe it with alcohol.

Fixed Focus Reference

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