10W Optical Output Power Laser Cutter Module

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Volt: 12V
Kit: Single Module


80W machine power and real 10W output laser power. Dual compressed spot enabling finer laser engraving 0.08*0.08mm

Optical Power



DC 12V 3A

DC 24V 1.5A



Focus Length


Fan Speed


10W Optical Power Laser Module

Small Size And Refinement Appearance

  1. With Air-assist: Blowing through the air nozzle, which improves cutting performance and reduces burn marks.
  2. Super fast engraving speed: 304 stainless steel, ultra-fast engraving on stainless steel-30mm/s.
  3. Remarkable cutting ability: Cutting through 8 mm thickness plywood by one pass at speed of 1.5mm/s.
  4. Fixed focus laser head: suitable for three-axis engraving machine, easy to install.
  5. Original diode: Original diode, high quality, 20,000 hours life time!
  6. Wide compatibility: designed with widely compatible structural connection devices, which can be well adapted to different brands of laser engraving and cutting machines. Such as ATOMSTACK, ORTUR, NEJE, Sculpfun, etc.

LT-80W-AA-PRO Upgrade Direction

1. Powerful air-assisted nozzle.

The laser head is equipped with a specially designed air-assisted nozzle.Pro has an upgraded nozzle compared to the previous AA. The difference of this nozzle is that it has an advanced hydrodynamic design that makes better use of air pressure. When using the same air compressor, the upgraded version has a faster jet airflow.
Recommended inner diameter of air tube: Φ4mm,outer diameter: 8x6mm
Air pump suggestion:Air pressure and capacity: ≥0.027kPa, 27L/min

NOTE: To take full advantage of the air assist feature, you may need to add an air assist pump and air hosehttps://bit.ly/3EL2HjU

2. The protective cover is shortened
Equipped with a removable protective cover. Whether it is engraving or cutting, you can use this protective cover to filter blue light, you can work without laser goggles, convenient and fast. It is also easy to remove if you don't need it. 

Optical Solution

0.09*0.04mm Beam Captured By Laser Beam Profiler

Powerful high-speed air assist

Compared to the previous AA, the Pro has an upgraded air assist nozzle. This nozzle is different in that it has an advanced hydrodynamic design that makes better use of air pressure. When using the same air compressor, it has a faster jet stream.

Better Performance With Air AssistPowerful high-speed air assist

Using air assist helps to cool the material and prevent heat damage, and also helps to remove any debris and fumes generated during the laser cutting process, resulting in a clean cut surface.

Provide spare protection window pieceWide compatibility

Too powerful compressor, will blow water vapor to the lens, an extra spare lens better cleaning and replacement.

Wide compatibility

If you are not sure if it is compatible, please send us a picture of your machine’s contro board.We will provide you with the appropriate connection.

Excellent Heat Dissipation Design

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