Laser Tree K1 Mini 10W Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

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Laser Tree K1 Mini - Laser Engraving Machine for Beginners

Machine + work plate + air pump, Laser Tree K1 Mini offers you a complete set of accessories. The laser engraving machine uses a 10W laser module to cut 8mm plywood in a single pass, with a laser spot as small as 0.08 mm for finer engraving. The work plate works in conjunction with an air pump to remove debris and remove smoke, avoiding yellowing of the wood and allowing you to realize most of your creations.


K1 Mini

Laser Optical Power



DC 12V5A



Working Focus



Use beam combination technology to combine two laser beams into one spot, compressed spot has higher power, higher cutting ability and better effects under the same electric power.

All-In-One Solutions

The K1 MINI includes the machine, air pump, and work board for most DIY jobs.

Why Choose K1 MINI

Cutting Data For Fifferent Materials(Power=100%)
Material Name 3MM Plywood 5MM Plywood 8MM Plywood 10MM Plywood 12MM Plywood
Cutting Settings 520mm/min,1 passes 240mm/min,1 passes 110mm/min,1 passes 200mm/min, 2 passes 200mm/min, 3~5 passes
Material Name 3MM Black Acrylic 8MM Black Acrylic 10MM Black Acrylic 15MMBlack Acrylic 20MM Black Acrylic
Cutting Settings 280mm/min, 1 passes 28mm/min, 1 passes 10mm/min, 1~3 passes 10mm/min, 3 passes 100mm/min, 11 passes
Material Name 5MM Pine Wood 8MM Pine Wood 10MM Pine Wood 15MM Pine Wood 20MM Pine Wood
Cutting Settings 250mm/min, 1 passes 110mm/min, 1 passes 200mm/min, 2 passes 200mm/min, 4~6 passes 100mm/min, 5~6 passes
Material Name 2MM MDF 3MM MDF 5MM MDF 9MM MDF /
Cutting Settings 280mm/min, 1 passes 200mm/min, 1 passes 150mm/min, 3~6 passes 240mm/min, 8~10 passes /
The limit test parameters are for reference only, and the actual parameters need to be adjusted according to the actual material thickness