K10 Zoom Laser Module for Engraving and Cutting -2 Laser Beam Mode - 12W Output

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Volt: 12V

Dual mode laser module design:

The K10 laser module integrates two different focal lengths for long focus cutting and short focus engraving. In long-focus mode, it can easily cut plywood up to 20mm thick and pine wood up to 35mm thick, providing strong support for your cutting tasks. In short focus mode, the engraving resolution is as high as 0.03mm to make your engraving work more delicate.



Optical Power


Spot Size

Long focus: 0.08*0.1mm
Short focus: 0.03*0.04mm


DC 12V3A
DC 24V1.5A

Work Focus

Long focus: 45mm
Short focus: 23mm