LASER TREE K30 30W+ Optical Power Laser Module

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K30 Laser Module

30W+ output laser engraving and cutting module designed for powerful cutting.





Focus Length


Output Optical Power


Electric Power

24V 5A

K30 High Power Laser Module

The LASER TREE K30 is a true 30W+ output laser engraving and cutting module designed for powerful cutting. It uses beam compression technology to combine six 5.5W laser diodes into a single powerful laser beam with 30W+ laser power.
Its power can give you a completely different cutting experience.In order to improve the compatiblity to different laser engraver machine, K30 provide a solution by adapter board for electric compatibiliy, and sliding plate with multi holes for installation compatibility. Electric compatibility can be checked easily by 'power' and 'signal' LED indicator. Focusing is more convenient, and the dual fan cooling is excellent. These features give the K30 reliable and stable performance and higher service life.
If you need to cut large amounts of thick material and speed up production, the powerful LASER TREE K30 is a good choice.

The Latest Laser Engraver Solution

  • 🏆Ultrahigh Power Diode Laser Module - LASER TREE K30 is a real 30W+optical output laser cutting module designed for powerful cutting (32-35W). This laser head uses beam compression technology and built-in 6pcs 5.5W laser diodes. LASER TREE laser cutter module can cut 20mm pinewood, 30mm acrylic, and 15mm plywood by one pass. If you need to cut a lot of thick materials and speed up production, the powerful 30W laser module is a good choice to laser upgrade. Fixed focus: 40mm
  • 🏆Built-in Air Assist & Dual Fan Cooling Design - Built-in air assist improves cutting performance, and reduces air resistance, resulting in faster, deeper, and smoother cutting with fewer burn marks, cutting accuracy and cutting quality can also be optimized to a great extent. Dual fan cooling design, excellent heat dissipation improves laser head stability and service life.
  • 🏆High Temperature Warning Function: Due to excessive working temperatures can reduce the life time of the laser head at an accelerated rate, so LASER TREE create a solution with working temperature display for laser module K30, so that you can check the internal temperature of the module easily. The buzzer will sound an alarm when the temperature of the laser head is higher than 55℃ ( Suggested working environmental temperature <35℃.)
  • 🏆K30 Laser Head Detail Design: a. The working frame can be positioned by red crosshair, it is helpful for improving the convenience of the secondary cutting as well; b. Focus bar design makes it easy to set the focus of the module; c. The top of the laser module adds an air tube holder and cable holder 2-in-1 stainless steel piece.
  • 🏆Wide Compatibility: This laser module is compatible with TTL/PWM-controlled DIY machine, laser engraver cutter machine, CNC laser machine, and 3D printer machines. The adapter board is used for compatibility (suitable for Z*aitu,O*tur,Tw* Trees,S*ulpful9, Xt*ol, A*omstack and other models of DIY laser engraving machines). The sliding plate has multiple holes for installation compatibility. Support digital modulation (TTL/PWM), compatible with various 12V 24V DIY cutting engraving machines


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