LASER TREE 5W Optical Power Laser Engraver Module

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5W Output Optical Power CNC Laser Module Kit, Beam Compression Spot Technology, Compatible with Most Laser Engraver Cutting Machine, 23mm Fixed Focus



Optical Power



12V 1.5-2A



Focus Length


Upgraded 40W Laser Module

LT-40W-F23 is a high performance fixed focus laser module for beginners. 5W optical power output, it adopts built-in beam compression optical technology, so that the beam size at the focal point is around 30um*130um. Due to the bean width of 30um in X-direction, it makes the engraving accuracy reach 0.03mm, making it possible to engrave photos with high resolution. It also has a strong cutting capability and can cut 4mm thick plywood at a time with a speed of 100mm / s. With comprehensive functions and high cost performance, it is the best choice for beginners.

1. Engraved mirror stainless steel, no need to paint black.

2.Excellent Cutting Ability: Cutting 4mm thick plywood by one pass at a Speed of 80-100mm/s.

3.Super fast engraving speed: 304 stainless steel, up to 800mm/min, focal length 23mm.

4. Long life time design:The protective window piece design keeps the lens away from smoking and extends the life of the laser head.

5. Widely enraving and cutting material:
(1)Engraving materials
Cardboard, plastic, leather, MDF, rubber, stainless steel,aluminum with oxide layer etc.
(2)Cutting materials
wood, black acrylic, acrylic, cardboard, non-woven, bamboo, laser safe plastic, etc.

6.Widely compatibility:
Compatible with most of laser cutting machines, such as Atomasktack A5/A5pro, Ortur laser master/ lasermaster 2, etc.

Extreme Engraving 

Adopting a laser spot compression technology, this new laser module has a focal spot of 30um x 130um, allows for a leap in power and accuracy. It can cut 4mm plywood in one pass. Fixed focus laser diode and upgraded heat dissipation design combined for a longer laser lifespan.

High Speed Engraving Stainless Steel 

5W optical power with 30*130um beam size make the high power desity at focus possible.
High power desity makes high speed engraving possible.

Laser Shield Protection 

The laser head comes with a laser shield to filter laser radiation and avoid accidental laser exposure for safer operation.Note: Even with this design, goggles should always be worn when operating the machine.

Long Life Time Design  

Laser head has a protective lens design, high temperature protective window glass resistive material can protect the focal lens from smoking and extend the life of the module.If the protective window glass is contaminated, simply wipe it with alcohol.

Widely Compatible Designs 

If you are not sure if it is compatible, please send us a picture of your machine’s contro board.We will provide you with the appropriate connection.

Engraving/Cutting Diagram

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