LASER TREE K40 40W+ Optical Power Laser Module

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K40 40W+ Optical Power Laser Module

K40 Built-in eight high-performance fast-axis compression diodes, which can provide up to 44W optical power to achieve fast and efficient cutting.



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K40 8*5.5W Laser Module

LASER TREE K40 is a true 40W+ output laser engraving and cutting module designed for powerful cutting. It uses beam compression technology to combine 8*5.5W laser diodes into a single powerful laser beam with 40W+ laser power. 

Its power can give you a completely different cutting experience. In order to improve the compatibility with different laser engraver machines, K40 provides a solution by an adapter board for electric compatibility and a sliding plate with multi holes for installation compatibility. Electric compatibility can be checked easily by 'power' and 'signal' LED indicators. 

Focusing is more convenient, and the dual fan cooling is excellent. These features give the K40 reliable and stable performance and higher service life.

A One-Stop Solution For All Your Machine Upgrades

  • 🏆Built-in eight high-performance fast-axis compression diodes, which can provide up to 44W optical power to achieve fast and efficient cutting.
  • 🏆The bottom is equipped with a red cross positioning cursor (offset X: 0mm, Y: -21mm), which can quickly locate the starting point and ensure the accuracy of the secondary cutting operatio
  • 🏆Detachable protective cover, removable and removable, meeting both needs at once.
  • 🏆Integrated dovetail guide design ensures smooth movement and stability of the equipment. The guide rail is 115mm long, allowing a wide range of height adjustment to adjust the focus position, improving the user experience.
  • 🏆Adopt a large dual-fan design to maximize the air volume and maintain the best cooling effect while reducing noise, thereby achieving stable cutting and engraving performance.
  • 🏆Built-in thermistor, real-time monitoring of tube core temperature ensures long-term safe and stable operation of the laser module
  • 🏆Power and laser signal indicator lights, real-time performance monitoring
  • 🏆The focus slider structure has been upgraded to slide more smoothly, allowing users to achieve precise cutting quickly and easily.
  • 🏆The integrated air duct design reduces external connectors, and the air inlet and power interface are on the same plane, making it simpler and more beautiful and convenient for wire harness storage.
  • 🏆High thermal conductivity phase change thermal conductive sheet ensures the continuous and stable operation of the drive board.


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