LaserPecker 2 Handheld Laser Engraver & Cutter

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It's hard to find another portable, battery-powered laser engraver that combines versatility and affordability like the LaserPecker 2. With an output of 5 watts, the LaserPecker 2 can be used for higher standard and more powerful laser cutting on less hard and dense materials. It increases engraving speed to 600 mm/sec, a tenfold increase over the first generation, meaning you can engrave things faster than ever before. With a unique mobile power supply, it works for up to 200 minutes on a full charge, recording ideas anywhere, anytime. the LaserPecker 2 is also capable of 360° rotational engraving on uneven surfaces, and engraves up to 100*2000 mm on a horizontal surface. Unpack, set up and engrave. You can do it all in less than a minute, making it very easy to operate.

All in all, the LaserPecker 2 is a very exciting tool for ambitious hobbyists, personal DIY and commercial customization.

Endless  Enraving  Material  

Thanks to the upgraded 5W diode laser with compressed spot technology, you can use the LaserPecker 2 for even higher standards and more powerful laser cutting. Engrave almost anything you want: oxidized/painted aluminum metal, steel, dark glass, colored ceramics, wood less than 5mm thick, bamboo, leather, paper, fruit, food, plastic, acrylic, stone, cement, bone, all material layers.

High precision engraving  

The LaserPecker L2 engraver has a compressed spot as small as 0.05 * 0.05mm for 2K high precision engraving results. 

Image Preview Positioning  

With an ultra-fast preview speed of 3750mm/s, the potential is clear. Industrial-grade, all-digital Galvano scanning system fully supports square and graphic previews, making positioning easier, more accurate and more intuitive. What you see is what you get!

360° Cylindrical Rotary Engraving  

Traditional engraving machines offer very limited engraving options and you are limited to one engraving method - flat on the table. The LaserPecker 2 is capable of 360° rotational engraving on cylindrical objects and curved or uneven surfaces.

With the LaserPecker 2 auxiliary booster, it rolls the engraver down the length of a flat, horizontal surface, with a maximum engraving size of 100*2000 mm.

No limitation on charging  

Carry the LaserPecker 2 with you anywhere, anytime, with the flexibility to engrave with your own mobile power source. 200 minutes or more on a full charge, the LaserPecker 2 is the strongest support for your endless creativity.

Small and portable  

The LaserPecker 2 is as small, powerful and sophisticated as its first generation. Its inclusion of a small handle in the design means you can also place it on what you want to engrave, so you're not limited to the item.

Laser Tree K1 Max - Laser Engraving Machine


K1 Max

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DC 24V 10A



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