Magic Scratch Paper 50 Pcs A4 Set

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A4 size is more practical: 11inch*8.2inch (28*20.8cm) size, more than the general 7.2 x 5 inch in the market, more practical, 50 sheets of A4 size rainbow art paper, can be cut at will, more cost-effective;

Carve out different colors: it is widely compatible with laser engraving machines and laser marking machines, giving your engraving patterns colorful colors. It is recommended that the laser engraving machine parameters (4500-5000 speed, 10%-15% power), you can also cut into different shapes, such as animals, colored eggs, spiders, witch hats, etc., and engrave patterns on the cut shapes;

Exert artistic creativity and imagination: Each piece of paper is large and durable enough to carry out detailed and expressive painting. You can use the attached stylus to scratch and write, or use the engraving machine software pattern to create imaginatively;

Best craft gift: great gift for anyone, including kids, young adults, students, artists, colleagues, friends and family. Fun and cool creative craft gifts for birthdays, party favors, Children's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Father's Day, Mother's Day, school activities and outdoor trips, etc.;

Product material: Paper
Product size: 11inch*8.2inch (28*20.8cm)

Laser Tree K1 Max - Laser Engraving Machine


K1 Max

Laser Optical Power



DC 24V 10A



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