Spider X1 Laser Cutter & Engraver Machine

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Power: Spider X1 10W

Spider X1 Ultimate Modular

Spider X1 sparks a new light for engraving and cutting ideas. The engraving format can reach up to 800mm in width and 2000mm in length. It not only supports standard mode cutting but also offers quick extension cutting. The machine is capable of handling large format engraving and cutting projects. The extendable XY Axis ensures that your creativity is no longer limited by format, allowing you to unleash your imagination and creativity.


Spider X1

Laser Power


Laser Wave Length


Laser Source

Diode Laser

Engraving Area Standard Mode


Spider X1 Work Show

As a large-format laser engraving machine, Spider X1 can complete large-scale laser works such as furniture and billboards at one time. It can engrave or cut popular materials such as acrylic, basswood boards and plywood. It can also cooperate with Rotary Pro to complete longer cylinder engraving.

Super Large Format

Both the X-axis and Y-axis can be expanded through standardized accessories and reserved interfaces. Supports 800* 2000mm larger format engraving and cutting, enabling more creative freedom from small to large.

One Time Work, Time And Materials Saving

Spider X1's design allows materials to enter and exit from one side and enables precise parallel positioning of laser cutting height, which saves on material usage.

Extension With Ease

Spider X1 is designed with modularity and standardization in mind, allowing you to easily upgrade and expand the machine. The use of a standard profile makes installation and material selection easy and accessible, so you can quickly purchase and replace materials as needed.

Portable & Space-Saving

With a size only 1/4-1/5 of an ordinary engraving machine, it is easy to store, carry, and handle.Therefore, as long as you find a flat surface, you can start unleashing your creativity with it.

Safety Use

Spider X1 will stop working when the switch is triggered by the detection of being lifted.

20W Super Laser Power

Spider X1 is both an engraving machine and a metal marking and cutting machine that offers two laser module options for super-power laser head of 10W and 20W. It is suitable for users to choose according to their different needs.

Reserve Air Assist Interface

We added an easy-to-use Air Assist Interface that you can connect to the main unit, and Air Assist accessories precisely designed to remove smoke and dust generated during laser engraving and cutting.

Four Operation Modes

Spider X1 makes four modes available to operate the laser engraver. The mobile app wireless operation allows you to remotely control the device. The TF card operation allows you to have files worked on from the card. You can also use Lightburn software to use your Spider X1, and the PC web wireless terminal operation is yet another option.

More Professional Application Scenarios

Supports batch engraving, cylinder engraving, dual working mode and line drawing module, unleash your creativity and explore endless design possibilities.

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