Flexible Honeycomb Working Plate

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1. Portable&small size: The size of a set working plate is 500mm*480mm, the thickness is only 0.5mm, and its volume is much smaller than the traditional honeycomb laser bed.

2. Easy to clean: Dust and residue from the cutting process may cling to the working plate, and with this working plate, users can easily clean it off.

3. Strong scalability: This working plate is innovative in design and flexible in use. It only needs continuous splicing to realize a larger format platform and protect the desktop from laser damage.

4. Fast heat dissipation: The 20mm high magnetic column leaves enough space for heat dissipation.

5.Wide Compatibility: Flexible honeycomb working plate is compatible with Spider,XTool, Atomstack, Ortur, Laserpecker and other laser engraving machines.

Comprehensive Protection For Your Working Table

Laser working table is a must-have component for laser cutting and engraving machines. Aluminum plate provides a sturdy protection.

Flexible Plate Size

The seperate size of the working plate is 9.84 x 9.45 x 0.02 inches ( 250 x 240 x 0.5mm ). After a puzzle assembling, the working area can be 19.68 x 18.90 x 0.02 inches ( 500 x 480 x 0.5mm )

Small Volume, Easy Storage And Easy To Clean

the puzzle design will help with easy storage and save your space.

Wide Compatibility

Laser working table set is perfect matching for the popluar laser engraving machines on market, and it is also compatible with other laser engraving machines such as fiber, CO2 laser engraving machine.