Tyvok - Rotary Pro For Spider Laser Engraver

Sale price$224.00

1.Super Versatile: Suitable for different sizes and shapes of cylinders, providing secure and reliable clamping. Rotary Pro supports 360° rotation engraving of rings, glass cups, ceramic cups, cans, baseball bat etc.. 

Step jaw mode:1 mm - 85 mm

Big jaw mode80 mm - 100 mm

Stun mode12 mm - 55 mm

Stepped jaw and stud combinations40 mm - 105 mm 

2.Quick and Easy Adjustment: Offers four modes, including the big jaw and the step jaw, allowing for effortless positioning and adjustable clamping force.

3.Precise Positioning: Ensure stable and accurate positioning of the workpiece during the engraving process, delivering consistent and stunning results.

4.Partial Pre-assembly and User-friendly: The product comes partially pre-assembled, making it easy to use and set up.

5.Wide Compatibility: Tyvok rotary pro is compatible with XTool laser engraving machines.